Be Careful Out There

I thought I should share a couple of recently posted videos from the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, where a special avalanche advisory has been issued.

Here, a video showing the hair-trigger sensitivity of the snowpack leading to a remote triggered slide-

And the analysis of Keith Ames’s unfortunate death last week outside of Snowmass Ski Area, in what seems almost too small to hurt anyone-

Be careful out there.

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5 comments to Be Careful Out There

  • mtnrunner2

    You’re not kidding. I was snowshoeing along a lake in Summit County yesterday, and the snow surface kept fracturing a few feet uphill of me as I’d walk along, each with a soft “whumpf”, settling maybe a fraction of an inch. We’re talking 10-degree banks along the water. It took just a step or two to release it each time.

    Skiing at Vail on Friday, the snow pack in the China Bowl trees seemed fine. Loose powder on a firm base. Maybe the snow is better-protected and doesn’t freeze/thaw as much?

    Of course that theory broke down a bit when the kid traversing between runs through the woods at Mary Jane got killed.

  • Yep, it’s pretty bad out there. Some shooting cracks on my very mellow ski down from The Line Shack on Meadown Mtn here near Vail today after spending the night up there last night. Couldn’t imagine being on steeper terrain where it would actually slide. Unfortunately, I believe it’s going to be a bad scene in the backcountry until the corn cycle begins this Spring. Looks like more of a climbing than skin winter for me.

  • ted

    We were thinking the same. That is, it might have to wait until we’re in melt/freeze before it’s really OK. We’ll see.

  • For sure, Ted. Wow, I hadn’t seen that Burnt Mtn video…you are so right, hardly seems real in being too small to bury anyone. But, dang, what a horribly unsupportive snowpack – absolutely no base whatsoever. Oh yeah, didn’t mean to say it wouldn’t be a “skin winter” for me. Plenty of skinning to be had, but likely won’t be much of a backcountry “ski winter” for me :) Hope you & Christy are well.

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