Girl Power

backcountry magazine

The January issue.

And in the department of awesome news, Christy was included in Backcountry Magazine’s headline story this month, Girl Power — 37 Women Who Charge, a feature on the magazine’s picks for the most important women in backcountry skiing. I could write volumes on why it’s so deserving, but if anyone really needs to have it explained, I might suggest you just scroll through the years of blog posts on this site and it will be apparent.

The words about Christy were written by Jess McMillan, who we met and skied with on the Volcano Tour two springs back. According the Jess:

If passion can be caught in one smile, it would be Christy Mahon’s. Christy has more passion for skiing than anyone I have ever met. And it shows in all of her accomplishments. I was fortunate enough the ski the Fuhrer Finger, Mount Rainier with Christy in 2012. As my alarm went off at 3a.m. that morning, Christy was bubbling with excitement. Her smile is as relentless as the climb up Rainier. It was waiting for me at the summit and greeted me, along with a hug, at the parking lot. I have never met a more passionate, positive skier. – Jess McMillan

Go pick up a copy while it’s on the shelves. And way to go Christy. You earned it.


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