Mount Raoul

Christy Mahon on the summit of Mount Raoul

On the summit of Mount Raoul, 13,803 ft. Castle Peak is the high summit in the distance.

Christy, Joey, and I skied Mount Raoul last weekend, a local summit just west of Castle Peak named in honor of the late Raoul Wille. read more>>>

Taylor and Star

Christy Mahon, Taylor Star tour

Christy drops in for the third ski of the tour.

They’re right in our backyard yet somehow Christy and I had never skied Taylor Peak or Star Peak. It was time.

We caught a really good view of the 13,000 foot summits last week on our flight to CB for the Grand Traverse. Armed with a couple of photos and a good idea of the terrain having skied up in the Ashcroft area for so many years, we finally went out to get them checked off the list. read more>>>

2015 Elk Mountains Grand Traverse

Taylor Pass on the grand traverse

On the route between Taylor Pass and Barnard Hut at daybreak.

Christy and I completed another Elk Mountains Grand Traverse, our 14th, and 8th time as a coed duo. We just can’t stay away.

The annual ski race/pilgrimage From Crested Butte to Aspen started at midnight on Friday and sent 215 teams of two on the 40 mile journey. read more>>>

“What It Takes to Climb Every Colorado ‘14er’ in Skis”

Christy-Mahon_WSJ -1

From the Wall Street Journal, March 17, 2015.

We’ll leave it to the Wall Street Journal to ask that question, in a story that ran in Tuesday’s paper about Christy, 14ers, her training, and more. It was a cool story, and considering how often the press misses the mark on topics outside of their expertise, I think they did a really good job. read more>>>

Back to Winter

What a difference a storm makes.

What a difference a storm makes.

After an unusually long stretch of high pressure, it finally snowed. And with the arrival of the storm that broke the six-week sunny pattern, Christy, Joey, and I headed up to a favorite spot by Ashcroft on Saturday and found the skiing to be really good.

The four-day snow cycle dropped twenty inches on the ski areas when it was all over. And just like that, it was winter again. read more>>>


sievers mountain from the north

A sunny perch in a sweet spot. It was great day to be out in the mountains.

We’re waiting for new snow here, it seems like the East Coast has been rather selfishly hogging it all lately. But even though the backcountry powder conditions may be less-than-fresh, there are still some sunny, scenic touring days to be had.

We ventured up Sievers Mountain recently, and apart from some challenging conditions at lower elevations on the approach and the exit, the tour was great– both the scenery and weather were five-star! read more>>>