New York Marathon – Action for Healthy Kids


The 2015 NY Marathon is on November 1.

It’s been a quiet start to summer here on the blog, but that’s about to change. The first order of business, the New York Marathon.

Sure, the race isn’t until November, but when I run the marathon it will be as part of a charity team, Action for Healthy Kids, and it’s time to pass around the hat. Founded in 2002, Action for Healthy Kids works with schools to fight the national epidemic of childhood obesity and poor health.

Their mission— “…is for all schools to provide healthy foods, quality health and physical education, and comprehensive physical activity for all students.” read more>>>

Centennial Skiers – Jagged Mountain

[I originally posted this on, a report from our final Centennial ski trip to Jagged Mountain, #100. We did it!]

The Centennial Skiers on the summit of Jagged mountain

On Jagged’s 13,824 foot summit.

We climbed and skied Jagged Mountain, our 100th and final ski descent of the Centennial Ski Project. Christy, Chris, and I, along with our friend Pete Gaston, emerged from a four day trip in the Weminuche Wilderness on Thursday, in awe of a mountain that presented more challenges than any other we’ve encountered through this project to date. It was a fitting final summit, a microcosm to the whole incredible larger objective. read more>>>

Belleview Mountain

Belleview Mountain

A seen form Thunder Pyramid across the valley. the Northeast Couloir is marked.

The stormy spring weather continues, and there’s wintery snow everywhere up high. We recently went to Belleview Mountain, 13,233 ft. up the West Maroon Valley, a peak that Christy and I have been eying to ski for a while. read more>>>

Centennial Skiers – Pigeon & Turret

[I originally posted this on, a report from our ski trip to Pigeon and Turret peaks.]

Centennial Skiers on turret peak

On Turret’s summit.

We sat on the tracks and waited. In all of our trips to the Weminuche Wilderness we’ve never seen the train run late. Ideas were floated as to what could explain the delay— rockfall or a mudslide that blocked the tracks seemed the most plausible explanation. But as our patience got tested, the notion that maybe a “zombie apocalypse” occurred while we were away became the most entertaining scenario to consider. We pondered the decisions that would have to be made in that event. We would stay where we were, in the little outpost of Needleton. Ian said we could likely hold off the zombies at the bridge. read more>>>

Potosi Peak

North Couloir of Potosi Peak

Joey skis the top of the North Couloir on Potosi Peak while Christy watches from above.

Potosi Peak, 13,786 feet, is at the east end of the Sneffels Range. Its flat summit is unique for the area and stands out when seen among a sea of jagged San Juan peaks. From most vantage points it would appear that skiing from the summit wouldn’t be possible, but somewhat hidden from view is a steep, north-facing couloir, one that is pretty tough to get to, but well worth the trip. read more>>>

Mount Raoul

Christy Mahon on the summit of Mount Raoul

On the summit of Mount Raoul, 13,803 ft. Castle Peak is the high summit in the distance.

Christy, Joey, and I skied Mount Raoul last weekend, a local summit just west of Castle Peak named in honor of the late Raoul Wille. read more>>>