One for the record books

tim mutrie in filips leap in highland bowl

The Broncos may have lost the Superbowl, but countless champions were crowned up in Highland Bowl this weekend. Tim scored his own title here in Filip’s Leap.

The snow arrived Thursday and began to fall at a rate we don’t often see (or at least for too long) through sometime Saturday morning. When it was all said and done, the words historic or even biblical were being thrown around to describe the snowfall and skiing. If hard numbers matter, Aspen Mountain measured 24″ in 24 hours, it was the second biggest one-day snowfall recorded in 50+ years of Highlands records, and a full three feet was up in the Bowl before we saw the sun emerge.

What a weekend. Of course the Broncos didn’t win the Superbowl, you might say they didn’t even show up, but we just wrote it off as Aspen (or greater Colorado) having used all our good karma on the storm, leaving nothing for the game. I bet the collective memories from the snow will last a lot longer than a fleeting NFL game.

highland bowl

The Bowl on Saturday morning as the storm exited.

Ross Kribbs

Ross Kribbs in the G-Zones.

Tim Mutrie in Highland Bowl

Tim, G3

christy mahon, highland bowl

Christy in the Northwoods.

Tim Mutrie

Tim seemed to find the deep stuff all day.

hoghland bowl summit

Eventually the clouds lifted and the sun came through on Saturday. A Broncos flag adorned the summit.

highland bowl

We’ve spent the last few days at Aspen Highlands. We hiked on Saturday and brought our skinning stuff for Sunday.

highlands ridge

The Highlands Ridge lines were pretty stacked, and numerous natural slides were visible.

lorenzo semple

Sunday morning was a mix of blue skies, Bowl laps and Broncos buildup. Lorenzo Semple skied with this flag all weekend. After all this great skiing, the poor guy was pretty disappointed by the Donkeys.

ozone highland bowl

Christy in Ozone (B Zero) on Sunday. It was chopped up but still really soft and fun.

Tonar Bowl

Some natural slides in Tonar Bowl, and some pretty snowy 14ers in the distance. This storm definitely helps out with our spring skiing goals.

G6 highland bowl

A lone skier GS’s down G6.

Highland Bowl

Christy in Be One. We skinned and skied four Bowl laps, B-Zero (Ozone), B1, B2 (White Kitchen), and G8 (Full Curl) and they were all awesome.

What a weekend.

8 comments to One for the record books

  • d'Mouse

    CB has been great too! However Highlands makes me dream of more……..!

  • It’s just my unscientific opinion, but I think Colorado has the best snow in the world right now.

  • Yeah, Highlands makes me envious. That place rocks. We need to get over there more. Vail was good Friday, though the amount of snow was almost too much to link turns given its average slope angle. Highlands Bowl slope angle would have made that amount of snow amazing I am sure. However, the Minturn Mile was pretty sweet to cap off the day. Great pics as usual, Ted.

  • Christy

    I want to make the snow fly over my head like Tim Mutrie!

  • Looking good Mutrie! I enjoyed making turns with you during The System.

  • That looks great. Super Bowl weekend is for the outdoors! Didn’t ski, but did a fun snowy trail run in the hills that was pure bliss.

    Untracked is great, but I also like that mid-point when the snow is tracked enough to have some speed, but it’s still soft.

  • It would have been fun to ski one of the temporarily re-named 14ers, and get a descent that could maybe never be repeated.

  • tim m.

    what a wicked stawm! teddy, thanks for documenting elements of it. (i took like two photos all weekend, of the inside of my pocket no less!)

    so i bumped into OJ (chief statistician, AHSP) at at city market last night, and though i was unable to do a thorough interrogation* b/c he was moving foodstuffs onto the checkout conveyor, i was able to pry some stats from him, re: the Biggest 24-hour Snow Totals in Aspen Highlands history:

    1. Feb. 21, 1996: 69 centimeters
    2. March 3, 1995: 63 cm
    3. Jan. 31, 2014: 57 cm

    *a full interrogation will follow at some point!

    doyle, awesome to share it with you, too. i swear i followed you guys down a little slice of ajax where i had never once been before. christy — we’ve got a whole lotta winter left to practice!!

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