Busy Beavers

It was a fun couple of days out there, and even though we didn’t win Wintersculpt 2012 last weekend, Christy declared “Barry, the ACES Mountaineering Beaver” to be, in her opinion, the unofficial People’s Choice Award.

One thing’s clear from the questions we fielded over the 48 hours, many people don’t know the difference between an otter, platypus, porcupine, squirrel, pig, chicken, and a beaver. It seems that the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) still has a lot of people to educate out there.

Kudos to the ACES girls– Eliza, Ellen, Olivia and Christy– and special thanks to local artists/sculptors Pierre Wille and John Doyle for taking this on and making it happen.

5 comments to Busy Beavers

  • Three quick thoughts.

    One. How did that NOT win? That’s a pretty tough snow sculpting neighborhood.

    Two. It could be a gopher so watch out for Judge Smails.

    Three. If it’s a definitely a beaver, then I would use a line from Naked Gun but that would be sophomoric and thus I’ll keep the line to myself.

  • I thought ‘crocodile’ was the most, shall we say, interesting guess. The guy who guessed ‘pig’ I found slightly insulting. It was great to actually participate in Winterskol, especially working side by side with the King and Queen. Talk about Winterskol spirit!
    Great seeing you in the Bowl today – with the way it’s snowing right now, I can’t wait until tommow. Skol!

  • AnnD

    Definitely a chicken 😉

  • ted

    The snowplow guys cut of its tail so now it could be any number of things (except a pig).

  • So I went by there tonight and it was as you said Ted , the tail was removed; which means it’s now either a Corgi or a capybara

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